custom stainless steel range hood
Custom Stainless Steel Range Hoods Information by Mio Metals/Copperworks

Trust Copperworks for custom made stainless steel range hoods

Perfect in any home, hand crafted just the way you want it. Copperworks has made its reputation on copper range hoods, but they are really specialists in all non-ferrous metal range hoods including zinc, brass, and, of course, stainless steel. If you are looking for information on American made range hoods with pro-style fans and halogen lights, trust Copperworks.

stainless steel range hood by copperworks  
  • American made since 1981
  • References for homeowners and designers
  • Fan and light information
  • Design ideas

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stainless hood with pot rack

stainless hood with copper straps

We are rebuilding our online photo gallery for design ideas for your stainless steel range hood.